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Comments: Made a little more progress on the DIY Solar Panel. Currently I have the one half soldered together, connected to the glass with contact paper, the window frame and other glass put together and basically the one half is done. See the photos below for more info. I hope to have a regular page write up about the construction of this panel in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Solar Panel made with a window frame/glass

Comparing what the old window looked like and the DIY solar panel in the frame.

DIY solar panel amps

Shorted amps from this panel.

DIY solar panel Volts

Open voltage from this panel.

Comments: Back from vacation and working on some goodies for you guys! Have some pics and a write up about some solar panels that are installed at Dollywood in tennesse, an update on the solar/wind project, and also I am building a DIY Solar Panel. Check out the pics below for a sneak peek! Will have a whole section devoted to this build!!

Below is a sneak peek of the DIY solar panel I am building.!

3x6 solar cells

3x6 Solar Cells

Testing Solar Cell Voltage

Checking the Voltage on 2 Solar cells to make sure they are 1.00 volt(.5v each).

Back of solar panel soldered

Cells Soldered on a sheet of glass.

Through Glass at Soldered Solar Cells

Looking through the glass at the front of the cells.

Comments: Finally recieved my other lug that I have been waiting for in the mail! This let me hookup the positive side of the inverter to the mini DC Disconnect box. Also I finished hooking up my battery bank in series and parallel to make it 440 amp hours @ 12 volts. I hooked up the 120 ac box, and tested the aux. panel that came with the inverter which worked quite well. As you can see in the photo below I added a 120v ac outlet below the ac box to test the whole setup. This inverter is going to work out perfect! From the aux. panel you can turn on/off the inverter, put the inverter in charge mode, and also select if you would like to share power with the grid!

Below is a pic of the new pos. wires hooked up and the ac panel, and inverter aux. panel hooked up!

alternative energy system components

Next step will be to get my solar combiner box built and installed, I still need to order a few more parts for it. Also I will need to run the conduit from the windpower pole into the basement to make the wind connections to get that going. Seems like everything is finally coming together so stay tuned for some cool updates!

Comments: Alrighty Guys and Girls, Got a few things done. Moved around alot of things on the website and also update a few pages. Below you will also see some pics to tell you what I been up to.

Here is a pic of the whole energy systems components, mounted in there spots.

alternative energy system components

Battery Box pretty well finished, be sure to check out the battery box page to see all the photos!.

Alternative Energy Battery Box

Below is a little more wiring in the Midnite Solar Disconnect Box, I finally have Battery Bank connections in there. See ther 4/0 Flexible cable.

Midnite Solar Disconnect Wiring 2

Here is a picture of my tower, I don't have the wind generator up on it yet but it is together. Notice the Hops in the background, there doing good this year so far.

wind generator tower

Comments: UPDATE!!! 05/20/2010 - Alrighty back to working on the project again! So some updates: I did get the pole up for the wind generator(will have pictur of that up later. Also I have finished building my battery box(pretty much). Installed the 4/0 wire for the battery bank to the DC Breaker panel, and much much more. I will try to have all of the pictures up later today/tonight. Thanks for visiting!!! Things are getting ready to be exciting!!! -Dave

Comments:Well finally have most of the wind generator painted, and some more wiring done on the core of the project. Waiting on the 4/0 Lugs to come in the mail to get all of this hooked together. The inverter is not hung up yet, waiting to get a few more holes drilled in the concrete so the board will support this heavy thing! I also added a sneek peak at the wiring for the midnite solar dc disconnect. Once I get everything else hooked up I will give you guys a whole picture of the system.

Midnite Solar Disconnect Wiring

Comments:Below is the new (Xantrex)Freedom Marine 1500w Inverter / Charger. Decided to go with this instead of my current 2000 watt Coleman Inverter. This 1500 watt Inverter has a few more "bells and whistles" than the Coleman does. It includes a remote panel(not shown), a 75amp charge capability, a load sense / standby mode, ac input, and hardwire connections. Will create a page detailing all this soon!

Freedom Marine 1500 watt inverter

Comments:Just wanted to give you guys a sneek peak at the battery box in construction, I will try to have a battery box page up later in the week. But for now here is what I have so far!

Battery Bank Box

Comments:Be sure to take a look around I have added a lot more content within the last few days! Also working on more to come, including wiring up my controls, a new inverter I purchased, and the build of my battery bank enclosure!

50 watt solar panel

Comments:Above you will see an image of the BP / Solarex 50 watt Solar Power Panel I just recieved, I purchased this used panel from ebay! Got a heck of a deal on it.

treadmill wind generator

Comments:Above you will see an image of the progress on the 4ft. Treadmill Generator. I will soon be adding lots of photos of the tower, new charge controller, and much more!

Comments:Added a Page to show you how to make your own battery connection cables, Found this somewhere on the internet and I figured I would share it with you all. Take a Look---> DIY Battery Cable!

DIY Battery Cable

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small diy solar panel

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Working on the new DIY Solar panel build pages! Hope to have them up soon, lots of images and tips and tricks!

small tabbed solar cells

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